Title: Optimum Speed Control of DC Motor applying Lag Lead Compensator

Abstract:Differential equations describing motor’s dynamic performance are considered in the development of transfer function equations and their Laplace transforms obtained for additional investigation. For the sake of reliability, typical data for two DC Motor models are incorporated within Matlab/Simulink program to demonstrate the elementary time domain performance of the system. A lead lag compensator applied as control method to control the speed of DC Motor. The nonlinear programming optimization algorithm “fmincon; computes a constrained minimum of an objective function of a number of variables starting at a preliminary estimate” used in the optimization routine to reach finest locations for the added pole and zero to attain the optimal parameters for the designed lead lag compensator. A standard test step signal used as a desired input speed to study the effectiveness of the proposed controller based on the performance of the system. In order to validate the controller tracking for speed variation a reference signal with unit step speed changes are included in the simulation studies and the obtained results as the Performance of Optimized Lead Lag compensator for speed changes tracking are presented in figures and tables. Matlab and Simulink are used to carry out the simulation runs and the achieved results were scrutinized and discussed then conclusions deduced that virtuous outcomes reached with the optimal controller’s parameters.

Title: The Moderating Effect of Product Knowledge in Planned Behavior: From the perspective of Taiwanese Consumers’ Intention to Buy Electric Vehicle

Abstract:The purpose of the current study is to examine and understand consumers’ decision-making process of purchasing environmentally-friendly electric vehicles (EVs). We employed Theory of planned behavior (TPB) as our base model and included additional significant determinants such as price perception, range anxiety, interpersonal trust, and government incentives based on the gratifying the purpose of the current research. Moreover, the role of product knowledge as a moderator was also explored on the relationships between attitude and intention, subjective norm and intention, and perceived behavioral control and consumers’ intention to buy EVs as the level of consumers’ product knowledge can influence their intention to buy environmentally-friendly EV. We are expecting to collect a comprehensive number of responses (around 300-350) to explore the proposed research framework and hypotheses. We are confident that findings of the current study can contribute to the literature of an innovative product such as EV adoption. Additionally we are hoping to bridge the gap in the literature of exploring product knowledge as a moderating factor in the TPB model.

Title: A Meta-analysis Review of Channel Switching Approaches on Reducing IPTV Zapping Delay

Abstract:Channel zapping delays are inconveniences experienced by subscribers, a major challenge in IPTV channels switching system and classed an inherent necessity on user\'s quality of experience (QoE) list. Rolls of techniques that tried to combat this challenge have been proposed and implemented, but a meta-analysis of the best of various current methods is presented in this study. The extraction of the articles was designed following the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA). All the included articles were searched using the following database: Google Scholar, and Web of Science. All statistical analyses were performed through STATA version 15 using the random-effects model. The overall pooled estimated delay component was presented in forest plots. In all, thirteen studies were included in the meta-analysis and the overall pooled estimated was 51.0% (95% CI (11.88%, 220.8%)). In addition, the subgroup analysis affirmed that the estimated delay component was found in studies conducted using ‘All’ (221144.86% (95% CI: 36806.32% to 405483.41%), and using ‘network’, was 20.17% (95% CI: -27.14% to 67.49%). Experimental studies have shown that virtual elimination of IPTV zapping delay is possible for a relevant chunk of channel switching requests, emphatically, our analysis elucidates studies that captured ‘network’ delay components as the best techniques. They are capable of proper delay management and are able to reduce delay in channel switching than studies with ‘all’ delay components.

Title: Comparison of Histogram Segmentation and Discretization Algorithms Results

Abstract:This paper shows the influence of histogram segmentation on quality of data discretization. The possibility of classifying the histograms into types has been researched, as well as the influence of certain histogram type on the discretization. An entropy algorithm is shown, as well as the MD algorithm. A data set reduct obtained on the basis of the rough set theory was observed with respect to the histogram type. The reduct contains attributes which enable description of the entire database and generate the decision rules. The position of reduct attributes’ cuts was observed in relation to the multimodal histogram segmentation. Precision of the classification rules, obtained from the reduct, can be estimated based on consistency. Interaction between the data histograms, reduct cuts and the consistency of classification rules has been researched. The reduct attributes have more irregular histogram than attributes out of the reduct. Histograms of reduct attributes have direct impact to the classification rules consistency. This article presents a model for segmentation threshold determination based on the entropy algorithm. Closely related FixedPoints algorithm enabling the cuts selection is constructed. Application on the selected database shows the benefits of selection of cuts relies on histogram segmentation.

Title: The Moderating Effect of Product Knowledge in Planned Behavior: From the perspective of Taiwanese Consumers� Intention to Buy Electric Vehicle

Abstract:The current study explored consumers’ intention to buy environmentally-friendly electric vehicles (EVs) based on an extended theory of planned behavior (TPB). Additionally, the moderating role of product knowledge on the relationships between attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control and consumers’ intention to buy EVs were explored. A total of 267 valid responses were collected to test the proposed model and hypotheses. The results reported that eight out of eleven hypotheses were supported, the predictive power of the proposed model was better than TPB, and the product knowledge significantly moderates the effects of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control on consumers’ purchase behavior. The influence of subjective norm on EV purchase intention was more obvious in the situation of low product knowledge. This study contributes to the literature from a new research perspective by exploring product knowledge as a moderating factor in the TPB concerning EV purchase intention.

Title: An investigation on power spectral density of beams having defects under the moving load

Abstract:This article investigates changes in power spectral density caused by vibration signals of beams having damage under the act of moving load. Based on the results, the authors have proposed a parameter to monitor the structures� deterioration conditions. The article conducted simulation of deterioration in beams by causing cracks which changed the stiffness of the structure. The features proposed in this article are made by changing shapes of power spectral density to detect the deterioration of structure through damage caused in the beams. The experiment was designed to best correspond to the simulation of realistic traffic over bridges. The power spectral density was established from vibration signals received by acceleration sensors which were installed along the beams. The results of this article show that changes in shapes of power spectral density caused by damages are much greater than changes in fundamental frequency value of the beams. In other words, the uses of shape changes in power spectral density will increase the possibility to detect damage on different beam structures.

Title: An Evolutionary Approach to Secure Mobile Telecommunication Networks

Abstract:In cellular networks the series of algorithms A5 are used to ensure the communications between the different subscribers of the network. A5/1 is the strong known encryption algorithm which protects the air interface of the mobile network. However, this algorithm sufferer for a lot off problems especially in the clocking mechanism which control the clocking of registers that composes the A5/1 stream cipher. For this raison, several attacks have been published aimed to cryptanalyzing this algorithm such as time memory trade off attacks, guess and determine attacks, biased birthday attack [1] and the random subgraph attack. [2] \nThis paper propose new security enhancements to improve A5/1 encryption algorithm based on new particle swarm optimization (PSO) control mechanism in order to make the A5/1 stream cipher robust and more resistive to some attacks and to be used in future mobile communication systems. \nThe improvements that make both attacks impractical do not change the architecture of the conventional A5/1 and aims to increase the complexity of the A5 algorithm by making its clocking mechanism more complex by the integration of a new function to be optimized by the PSO algorithm which it have been successfully used to solve a wide array of different optimization problems.

Title: Glucose Insulin Algorithm for for Artificial Pancreas to Control the Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Abstract:Artificial pancreas systems courage to remove this risk by taking existing pump technology to a new level. The device close the loop by offers not only continuous monitoring by blood glucose level but continues adjustment in the amount supplied through pump. In this paper, we modified the existing model for type 1 diabetes mellitus to discuss different control strategies for the artificial pancreas. By employing the NSFD Scheme and controllability and observability for the linearized control system of the human glucose-insulin system. The stability of glucose-insulin in humans has been created and validated the non-negative unique solution. A model consists of eight states variables and 36 parameters, numerous of which are undefined and complicated to find out correctly. We work out an optimal parameter choice complication in which optimal values for the model parameters must be chosen so that the resulting model appropriate given preliminary data. By applying different control and detection techniques, reducing the risk of blood the glucose level in humans is often considered in the development of the artificial pancreas. Numerical Simulation are design with algorithm for close loop design with continuous monitoring of Glucose Insulin system for artificial pancreas. Developed model provide the estimation values for normal day life to measure the glucose insulin system in human.


Abstract:Background: Otologic disorders are common presenting complaints among school children worldwide. When they do occur, they are a cause for concern because of the significant morbidity that comes with it. Most of these disorders often go unnoticed by parents and guardians. Even when they do, they might see it as normal or not serious and leave it untreated. Hence, it is beneficial to do routine otoscopy for children to detect these problems and then parents and guardians can be better informed.\nAim: The purpose of the study is to determine the common examination findings on otoscopy among children and ultimately the common ear disorders among children in a rural community in Oghara, delta state, south south Nigeria.\nMethod: it is a 3 month prospective cross sectional study among school children in Oghara. Two schools were randomly selected: a private and a public primary and secondary school. Permission was obtained from the school authority. The parents and guardians of the children were also pre-informed about the screening exercise. The pupils were given a health talk on how to care for the ear and the purpose of the study. Thereafter, their ears were examined and otoscopy done for each ear as a separate entity. The examination findings were noted and those that needed a follow up were referred to the Ear, Nose and Throat department DELSUTH for management as required.\nResult: There were a total of 287 children recruited into the study. Their age ranged between 1 to 14 years, with a mean age of 6.39 years .There were 155 males and 132 females with a M:F ratio of 1.17:1. The age group 5-6 were the commonest with 123(42.9%) of participants. The commonest findings were wax impaction accounting for 55.7%. Normal otoscopy was noticed in 43%. Other findings were dull but intact tympanic membrane and perforation which accounted for less than 1% in both ears respectively.\nConclusion: There is need for routine ear examination and health education to teachers and school children on ear hygiene. There is also need for routine otoscopic examination in these children to detect cases such as wax impaction and this should be made known to their parents and guardians which can improve their hearing and improve school performance.

Title: Constrained optimization for piecewise Hermite interpolation curves of even degree

Abstract:In this paper, optimal piecewise Hermite interpolants $H_{2n}$ of even degree are proposed for different objective functions. The given interpolants $H_{2n}$ satisfy the same interpolation conditions as the Hermite interpolants $H_{2n-1}$ of odd degree and the free vector in $H_{2n}$ is optimized.\nThe method is presented such that the control polygons of the constrained curves are of the shortest length and then the curves are optimized by minimizing the given energy functions. Some graphic examples are provided to illustrate the differences between related results.